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You are always welcome to bring your goods to one of our stores for inspection and an offer. You do not have to complete a sellers form beforehand.

Sell to Budget Baby

Sell to us in 3 Easy Steps:

1. Complete our sellers form.

2. Get an estimated offer & arrange inspection.

3. Receive your final offer and get paid.

** Budget Baby reserves the right to not make an estimated offer based on photos and may request

goods to be brought/ sent to the store for inspection before making any offers.

Terms & Conditions:

Please keep the following in mind when wanting to sell your pre-loved baby goods to us:

- We purchase directly from you and then re-sell, purchasing something for R1 000, using it and then wanting to resell it to us for R900 is not possible or fair in any way.
- Please always be sure to disclose any missing components, defects, wear, tear and damages.
- Budget Baby reserves the right to adjust the estimated offer accordingly or choose not to take the item at all should any issues not be disclosed beforehand or noted at the time of inspection.
- Offers made via email/ WhatsApp are estimated offers based on photos. Photos can be deceiving and we will only make a final offer once we have seen and inspected the actual items.
- Budget Baby is not an authorized/ registered reseller for any baby brand, we therefore are not allowed to sell new items at their current retail price, we will also not offer current retail price on any new items.
- Budget Baby does offer a collection option in certain areas of Gauteng, if we are not able to collect from your area, we will make the necessary courier arrangements.
- Our collection option will be presented to you in your estimated offer, however, please note that we do not offer the collection option to every seller. Collecting goods is at our discretion and can only be accommodated based on our schedule and the type of  and quantity of items.
- It is the sellers responsibility to make sure that he/ she avails him/ herself on scheduled date and time for collection. Should you wish to cancel the appointment, please do so at least 3 hours beforehand.
- Budget Baby will not collect any items or arrange any courier services unless the seller has accepted and agreed to our estimated offer. 
- Once a final offer is made and accepted, in-store or at the sellers residence, the seller will be paid via immediate EFT to the bank account of the sellers choice.
- Budget Baby does not carry cash.
- Should your goods be sent to us via courier, we will notify you once we have received them, once we have inspected and finally, what the final offer is. Payment will be made via immediate EFT.
-  We clean all items that we purchase, however we ask sellers to please be considerate and wipe down dirty/ dusty goods and wash used breast pumps.