Purchasing pre-loved rather than new can save parents-to-be a ton of money, especially when buying bigger items such as travel systems.


Spending less money on baby goods allow for a better return on the actual investment when re-selling.

Buy More.

Buying pre-loved allows parents & parents-to-be to actually buy more items than what they budgeted for.


Bouncer? Swing? Or Rocker? We never know what baby will like. Buying pre-loved minimizes risk and loss on investment. If baby hates the swing, at least it was not an overly expensive investment.


Spending money on pre-loved baby goods allows parents to possibly buy a better quality product than they initially would have bought when buying new.

2nd Hand, not 2nd Best

Most baby goods do not get used for long periods of time, most of the time when purchasing pre-loved goods you will find that they actually look brand new.